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this cold weather makes one feel like wraping up in a soft, silky shawl, and curling fingers around a warm cup of hot chocolate--while watching the fire dance and crack over logs in the fireplace.

if one gets into it, there are actually several grades of wool scarves to choose from. most common being lamb wool, marino and cashmere. however, there are a couple grades of wool higher than cashmere, if one is looking for a very smooth and light shawl, mainly for the purpose of accessorizing. these include pashmina and the next higher grade--shahtoosh.

pashmina is a very fine quality wool shawl that comes in a variety of sizes, colors and designs. These are usually sold as 70% pashmina and 30% silk shawls that can be found at any of the large marketplaces in the major cities of Pakistan--at commercial in Rawalpindi, Liberty in Lahore--or in the big name department stores in posh regions of the major cities in the West. pashmina itself is synonymous with posh.

real pashmina, 100% pashmina, is harder to find. for a shawl made with pure pashmina, it takes a determined and patient eye to locate it. these shawls, smooth and soft to the touch, come with price labels in the range of $450 to $1000, depending on where the shawl is sold.

when it comes to shahtoosh, nothing compares to it as the symbol of the wealthy, fashionable, and controversial. shahtoosh shawls are made from the ultra fine underhairs of a tibetian antelope, the chiru. the antelope, few in numbers and already struggling to survive on scarce vegetation on the tibetian plateau, must first be killed in order to obtain their fine hairs.

demand for the shawls is high, as is their price. a women's 1mx2m weighs only 100 grams, costs the lives of 3 chiru and can be priced between $800 and $5000 if sold within india. men's size can cost the lives of 5 chiru and be priced as high as $17000 if sold in western stores.





You're... 20 years old! Wow... isn't that crazy? Your teenage years are OFFICIALLY OVER! I remember when Jared and Kate were cute little freshmen/sophomores and now they're about to graduate from high school and finishing their theses!

Austin came on some leave and I saw him! To think, he's serving for our country... remember when he was cute and little too? Same goes for everyone else in our class.... and now they're either working, going to college, serving, or a combination of the two!

And your brother is about to graduate with a bachelor's! You of all people can remember when he was his youngest and cutest.

I think it's all very fascinating =)

thank you Heather, I love you c:

yeah I know, I don't really want to be 20! It makes me feel old! =P

you're right, it really doesn't seem like its been six years since we were in eigth grade. life is just flying by and if you dont stop to enjoy it as it goes by, then you wont have any nice memories with which to remember those times... because they aren't coming back.

anyways, there are so many good things to think about with these people. they're all doing something with their lives... I really wish UCPS would hold a reunion because I want to see what everyone ended up doing. ^_^

September 2010

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